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Instruction Sheet For Custom Foot Orthoses

It normally takes two weeks to get used to your foot orthoses. It is very important that you approach the break-in period properly.

Day 1 & 2:
Wear your foot orthoses no more than two (2) hours at a time.
When you remove your foot orthoses, leave them off for at least two (2) hours then reapply.

Day 3 to 13:
Wear your foot orthoses as long as you feel comfortable.
As soon as you feel discomfort, remove the orthoses for at least two (2) hours then reapply. You will notice that each time you reapply the orthoses you will be able to wear them comfortably for a longer time period ( 15-20 minutes each time ).
If you experience a situation where you realize that you will be unable to remove your orthoses at the appropriate time, opt not to wear them at all.

Day 14:
You should be able to wear your foot orthoses all day comfortably at this point, if not, then adjustments will be required.
Please call for an appointment.

Day 44:
One month after you start wearing your orthoses full time, you should be at least 50% better, if not then adjustments will be required.
Please call for an appointment.

After 2 months:
Of wearing your orthoses full time, it is not unusual to be comfortable with your orthoses on, but unable to get around without them.

After 3 months:
You should discontinue use of the orthoses for at least two weeks, from that point on wear the orthoses only on an as need, when need basis.

Children's Orthotic Applications:
New orthoses are usually good for 2 shoe sizes in growth. (Eg. If the orthoses were applied to a size 3 shoe to start, then after the size 5 shoe has been outgrown the orthoses should be checked for fit ).

Sports Orthoses and Patella Femoral Syndrome Applications:
The improvements are usually very gradual. It is not unusual to not notice any change until you forget to put on the orthoses one day, and find that you experience a recurrence of foot pain .

Your Foot Orthotics are washable:
Just wipe with dish soap and water, rinse and pat dry with a towel. The materials used to fabricate your orthoses do not absorb moisture.