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Our Qualified and Experienced Orthopaedics Staff Makes A Real Difference!
All of our custom appliances are covered by a One Year Warranty against all defects in material and workmanship.

Ralph Roloff C.O. (C) Certified Orthotist

Ralph Roloff is a Certified Orthotist with 42 years experience.
He has 54 years experience in footwear.

He conducts clinics in Beachburg, Pembroke, and Renfrew.





Jay Kovacs B.A., O&P Technician

Jay Kovacs is a Qualified Orthotic/Prosthetic Technician with 31 years experience.

(a graduate of the George Brown College Orthotic/Prosthetic Technician program).






Pam Roloff B.A.

Pam Roloff specializes in footwear fitting.

She attends specialized foot care seminars, and is currently assisting in our shoe fitting and compression therapy garment fitting departments.